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Mohair Bears by Nancy L. Bax

Mohair Bears (76K)
	Lila                    Pearl		     Wilhelmina
	#99 vest material       #68 vest material    #69 vest material

14" Mohair Bears - $95.US

Soft kinky curly mohair. Soft stuffed, non-jointed and floppy legged for huggability. Pellet filled feet, paws and bottoms for ease of sitting. Ultra-suede paw pads & glass eyes. Each wears female or male styled antique-look vest. You may choose your own vest material. Bear names and colours of mohair listed below.

	Lila                    Pearl                Wilhelmina
	Chocolate               Old Tan              Dark Honey

(To Honour Grama Lila, Grama Pearl and Mom Wilma)

Also available but not shown with their own male styled antique-look vests: Alexander Norman Brian Chocolate Old Tan Dark Honey

(To Honour Grampa Alex, Grampa Norm and Dad Brian)

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