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Welcome to Nan's Bear Hug!

It is nice to have you here. I hope that you will enjoy looking through my site. The bears above are some of my very first designs. You can click on the bears in the photo to see more info about them. I started out making the "Autograph Bear-ers" (left top), then added "Plush Bears" (left bottom), then "Mohair Bears" (right top) and "Realistic Black Bears"(right bottom). I now enjoy the miniature bears best. If you are interested in how I got started making bears go to "Nancy's Story" and then on to "Bear Story" if you would like to read another story that I found interesting.

The bears and I have done the Bear Fair in Toronto, the Kansas City Jubilee and Teddy Bears on Vacation Show and Sale in London, Ontario.
The bears have also, been available from the following stores - Just Bears in Toronto and CORI'S Poppen & Beren in the Netherlands

Also available, but not shown in the picture above are:
**Plush Bears**---Amy ---Jonilee ---Vanessa
**Mohair Bears** --- Brian --- Norman --- Alexander
**Bunny Bears** --- Bunny Bear

Newer creations:
**JOINTED MINI** --- Dorman Jr -- Joyce -- Kristie -- Currie -- Pandkin -- Kevin Jr. -- Cathi -- Ruth Ann
**JOINTED SMALL** --- Christopher --- Misty
**JOINTED MOHAIR** --- Bramble --- Meri --- Amanda
**JOINTED PLUSH** --- Debbie

A few of the bears who were smiling just right for the judges are proud that they have won awards.
Oh, yes I am very pleased with them, too! Please take a look.

**AWARD WINNING BEARS** --- Wilhelmina --- Nathan Jr
--- Pansy Pals --- Miss Cherry Chocolate --- Dorman Jr.

Miss Cherry Chocolate won 1st PLACE at the 1998 Kansas City Teddy Bear Jubilee.
She was also chosen to be in the new hardcover book:

- Projects - Patterns - History - Lore
Paige Gilchrist - Lark Books - a division of Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

Chocolate lovers may want to check her out. She comes with a chocolate cake box.

The U.K. magazine - Teddy Bear Scene did an article on the bears and I in their February 1998 issue
including the photo above and a bear made by my son, Walter.

I have always loved to do crafts and there are BEAR RELATED CRAFT ITEMS
plus a section PHOTOS with Teddy-Bear List people & bears who have been adopted.

Most of the bears I have named in honour of special people in my life, or designed for someone looking for that certain bear.
I thought it would be nice to recognize those people by adding their names to the bears adoption information.
No, I don't know anyone named Miss Cherry Chocolate! hehehe ;-)

Please email me if you have any questions, comments or wish to order